Trump donors: No qualms about giving money to billionaire who doesn't need it

“Being a billionaire doesn’t mean you’re getting moral support,” said Radcliffe, who appreciates Trump’s uncompromisingly tough talk on illegal immigration. “I think if you’re getting $10, $15, $100 from people, it sends a nice message.”

There are apparently plenty who agree; nearly 74,000 people contributed to the Republican White House hopeful over the summer, according to his campaign, and it’s a safe bet none of them comes close to his stated worth of many billions of dollars.

Although some might question the point of sending money to a person of such extraordinary means, especially one with such conspicuously lavish tastes, more than a dozen interviews with Trump donors around the country found no such hesitation.

People gave because Trump says things no conventional politician dares to say. They gave because it makes them feel like a part of his campaign and, they said, like they were investing in a better future for America.

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