Poll: Trump 27, Carson 22, Bush 8, Rubio 8

Fiorina has lost 11 points in the last month, declining from 15% support and second place to 4% and a tie for seventh place.

At the same time, Carson has gained eight points and joins Trump as the only two candidates with support above 20%. As in early September before Fiorina’s spike in support, Trump and Carson are the first choice candidate of about half of the potential Republican electorate. All told, nearly two-thirds of Republican voters choose Trump or Carson as either their first or second choice for the nomination…

Fiorina’s decline comes across the demographic and political spectrum, with her support now topping out at 8% among those with college degrees. Last month, she stood at 22% among the same group. Fiorina has dropped 11 points among women and 12 points among men, fallen 18 points among independents, 17 points among those age 50 or older, and 15 points among conservatives.

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