Bobby Jindal and the GOP are wrong. We must save the filibuster.

Governor Bobby Jindal has jumped on the bandwagon to kill the filibuster. This is insanity. It is probably the first time I disagree with him.

The filibuster is as much a protection of conservative interests as it is a protection of minority interests. How quickly the majority forgets. Republicans made great use of the filibuster in past years to stymie efforts by Democrats to advance a leftwing agenda.

The political map right now shows the GOP is in danger of losing its Senate majority next year. From gun rights to taxes to immigration — you name it, the filibuster is the last line of defense from a Washington, D.C. that listens to lobbyists, not the people. The filibuster does not, as Bobby Jindal contends, serve as “a large obstacle to good governance.” It serves as an obstacle to pay-to-play politics and as an obstacle to a well meaning group of legislators whittling down the rights of the American people.

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