“If I don’t win, I consider it to be a massive failure”

Trump’s rallies, like his candidacy, still have no thematic thread except a vague return to American greatness. But the random assemblage of moments and themes coalesced into something that, throughout and until the end, electrified the audience.

“This is fascinating,” marveled one Republican consultant who is working for another presidential campaign but who ventured into Wednesday’s rally out of curiosity…

One member of the immigration group, Alan Lankford, said he had not come to the speech as part of any planned disruption: “I’m here today because I’m very into radical left politics, and I feel like this is right-wing populism verging on fascism, and I kind of wanted to see this insanity going down.”

Indeed, the crowd was peppered with other curious non-Republicans, such as a man who sported a Bernie Sanders campaign sticker, and with Republicans who have not committed to any candidate. Rep. Dave Brat, who unseated former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014, was also in attendance and received a shout-out from Trump.

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