Jeb's take on George W. Bush: Conservative lite

“He didn’t veto things, he didn’t bring order and fiscal restraint,” Jeb Bush explained in his interview with Colbert.

Jeb Bush, meanwhile, has proposed stiff cuts in federal spending, in part by shrinking the government workforce by as much as 10 percent. As Florida governor, he often reminds voters on the campaign trail, the state budget shrank. 

Taxation is the other major area of difference that Jeb Bush’s campaign points to, noting that George W. Bush cut taxes but did not reform the tax code, as Jeb Bush has said he would. But because both plans have in common the effect of lower taxes, they might be indistinguishable to many voters.

The other key differences are on more minor issues: reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank (George W. Bush supported it, while Jeb Bush does not) or cutting off federal funding for Planned Parenthood (George W. Bush did not, but Jeb Bush has said he would).

Still, Jeb Bush faces a challenge to put the focus on these distinctions, rather than the broad overlap between his policy proposals and his brother’s. 

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