It's trash talk time for Obama

He showed up ready to mock, with an unimpressed, exaggerated upside down smile just one right cheek mole short of a Robert DeNiro impression. The smile popped up again and again, as he swept his hand to dismiss questions, cutting off one reporter reciting criticism of him versus Putin with a wrap-it-up finger motion and saying, “I get it,” then sneering through a takedown that ended with him taking a beat like he’d been training at the Friar’s Club: “So – what was the question again?”

On Jeb Bush’s dismissal of a school shooting in Oregon as “stuff happens”: “I don’t even think I need to react to that one.”

On the upcoming fight with Congress over the debt ceiling, with a laugh: “I’m sure the speaker’s race complicates these negotiations.”

The most pronounced smirk came as he brushed off people who don’t agree with him on guns: “There are all sort of crackpot theories floating around,” Obama said, “some of which are sometimes ratified by elected officials in the other party.”

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