Why the media lost its mind over Kim Davis meeting Pope Francis

Translation: Cool pope unites us against bad religious people. Only a bad pope would try to unify or reconcile with that woman. She’s polarizing, unlike the other issues Francis highlighted. Indeed, can anything good come from Rowan County?

It’s not just the scribes in the media who are scrambling for answers. It’s Jesuits, too. James Martin, SJ rushes to explain that, in all likelihood, Kim Davis was just another woman presented to the pope. Missing every chance to confront the obvious prejudice surrounding the meeting, he instead clears any potential obstacle to those prejudices. The pope may not know her. The meeting may have been arranged by another bishop. He’s just being nice. “Not to put too fine a point on it, but Pope Francis also met Mark Wahlberg, and that does not mean that he liked Ted,” Martin concludes.

The last flourish is exquisite for the way it makes the class prejudice explicit. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a vulgar woman who was snuck in. The Holy Spirit is definitely not afoot. It was practically an accident, really. Or perhaps it was some dastardly conservative bishop who allowed the cool pope to embrace someone universally despised by the great and good. She’s been married four times. Believe me, if he knew, he’d throw her into the well.

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