Why televangelists love Trump and Trump loves televangelists

Trump palling around the televangelist world of get-rich-quick promises, multiple marriages, and questionable coiffures is, well, perfect. His decision to host these leaders at Trump Tower in Manhattan suggests he may see faith the way he sees other endeavors: as a way to lure big audiences with glitzy promises that are less than reality-based. Much like his outreach to the more mainstream evangelical community, he’s been connected with the televangelist set for quite a while.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news of the meeting, reporting that Trump is huddling with “a group of Evangelical Christian leaders at his office” on Sept. 28. The event is being arranged by no run-of-the-mill evangelical, though; its reported host is televangelist Paula White.

And attendees got their invites from a public relations expert who specializes in boosting televangelists’ profiles. Sheila Withum of Withum & Co. Media Ministry Development Consultants, who sent out the invitations last week, told The Daily Beast her group has been representing televangelists for about 30 years—managing their public relations, helping them get airtime, and helping produce broadcasts.