House GOP leaders desperate to avoid shutdown over Planned Parenthood

Many GOP aides are skeptical of using a funding bill to cut off the group’s government money, aware that the legislation would likely die in the Senate. And, even if Congress could broker a deal on Planned Parenthood, anything that cuts its government funding would likely be vetoed by President Barack Obama.

Instead, House GOP leaders would rather use’s Congress’ broad investigative powers to build an overwhelming case against the group, which they believe would allow them to hammer Planned Parenthood for months and put Democrats under enormous pressure to turn against the women’s health organization.

But conservatives – led by Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) Freedom Caucus – are girding for battle. They see the fight over Planned Parenthood’s money as one of the top legislative priorities of 2015, and they are eager to do anything to end government support. Jordan, in an interview, said an investigation is important, but the leadership must cut off the women’s health group’s money in any spending bill that comes up this fall. He wants to shift the money to community health clinics. And conservatives seem unafraid to shut down the government to achieve their objective —though they say that’s not their goal.