Poll: Trump 25, Carson 14, Walker/Rubio/Bush 9

Trump’s supporters for the most part are significantly less wealthy than the New York developer.  He is the choice of about one in three registered voters who call themselves Republicans whose family incomes are below $80,000 a year.  In fact, among Republicans with incomes above $80,000, Trump fares less well: he is in a tight race in that group with Bush, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. 

Trump has overcome an earlier perception that he won’t win.  In this week’s poll, one in four Republicans describe Trump as the party’s likely nominee.  Slightly fewer, 22%, say Bush will win the nomination.   In most previous polls, Bush was viewed as the likely winner. 

Those two men are the two GOP contenders who are also viewed as possible winners by the general public.  However, it’s worth noting that even more people believe Democrat Hillary Clinton could win the general election than say the same about Trump or Bush.