Trump joins Kasich as the anti–anti–gay-marriage candidate

Even as the Phillips family is struggling for financial existence against punishing government fines for refusing to bake a gay-wedding cake, Donald Trump is doubling down (along with Kasich) on his position as an anti–anti–gay-marriage Republican.

As Paul Dupont points out, Trump, when asked whether gay marriage was a dead issue, did not respond even by saying he would fight for religious liberty, or the right to make a living. He simply said a constitutional amendment is not going to pass, the Supreme Court has ruled, and it’s time to move on.

He’s a fighter, allegedly, but not against the biggest powers that be.

So now we have a weird scenario when the princess candidate of the current establishment (John Kasich) and the alleged insurgent are both unwilling to fight against the redefinition of Christianity as bigotry.

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