The conservative case for Christie

Following the first Republican presidential primary debate on August 6 that attracted a record 24 million viewers, it’s clear Republican voters have a number of strong candidates to choose from. Among those candidates, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has one of the most impressive records from a conservative standpoint, and it’s a record that deserves more attention from primary voters. What Gov. Christie has accomplished in a deep blue state over the last six years is worth close examination for Republicans looking for a nominee who has proven themself a staunch defender of taxpayers and, just as important, a strong general election candidate.

When looking at the nine current and former governors running for president, Gov. Christie’s ability to rein in the growth of government stands out amongst his peers. Dan Clifton, partner and head of policy research at Strategas Research Partners, recently examined the average annual increase in general fund spending during the gubernatorial terms of 2016 candidates and the results may surprise some.

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