Seven arguments for supporting Trump

4) He’d be a good negotiator

“the Don may not be an expert in foreign affairs, but he doesnt have to be, because he has the business sense to listen to good advice. and just the fact that he is a non nonsense guy helps america on the world stage, and at home. Does anyone think that netanyahu would pull his [BLEEP] if the Don was in charge ? You think putin would laugh at the Don ? he is a strong leader, and thats precisely what america needs right now”

“He (my personal opinion) would make damn good business deals with wary foreign politicians like Putin. Can you imagine if the U.S. was on eye-to-eye business terms with Russia?He wants the U.S. military to modernize their outdated nuclear armaments and policies.He doesn’t [care] about stepping on the toes of foreign allies when the U.S. has overwhelming leverage.”

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