Fiorina to GOP field: "Game on"

“National polls tend to measure name ID and so if you look at a number of state polls we’ve been in the top 10 in state polls, but it hasn’t yet translated to top 10 in national polls,” she said, adding that she disagreed with the premise of the question. “I would also remind you that at this time in previous presidential elections the polls and pundits … said that Jimmy Carter couldn’t win, Ronald Reagan couldn’t win, Bill Clinton couldn’t win and Barack Obama couldn’t win. So the truth is this race has just gotten started and game on.” 

Fiorina has been publicly critical of the way Donald Trump responded to debate moderator and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s questions about the names he’s called women.

“It’s her job to ask tough questions,” Fiorina said. “It’s your job to ask tough questions. It’s a candidate’s job to answer those question however they see fit.”
Wallace asked Fiorina, the only woman among the 17 Republican candidates, what she thinks about the conservative group Red State’s decision to disinvite Donald Trump to their gathering this weekend in Atlanta.

“Presidential campaigns are about watching someone under pressure over time,” she told Wallace. “You asked Donald Trump about his record of bankruptcy, but I didn’t notice Donald Trump insulting you for 24 hours. There’s not excuse for this.”