Ron Paul: Unborn black lives matter too

“I support the black lives matter movement,” writes Paul, pointing out his advocacy on issues such as drug decriminalization and ending police militarization. “However, I wish some of the black lives matter movement’s passion and energy was directed to ending abortion. Unborn black lives also matter.”

Oof. It seems at best tone-deaf and at worst totally fucking insulting to compare the killing of black adults by armed (and unaccountable) government agents to the abortion of embryos and fetuses by the women whose bodies are hosting them. Surely even those who think these women murderers see a difference between their actions and those of, say, Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman, no? I know the most ardent pro-lifers don’t assign different moral weight to killing an insentient 3-week-old embryo that can’t survive outside the womb and killing grown adults with full lives, feelings, and families, but even among the anti-abortion crowd that’s a pretty minority view. 

Not content to compare pregnant women with racist cops, however, Paul also suggests that they’re closet eugenicists.

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