Jeb Bush to Rubio, Cruz, and Paul: Either show up for your Senate votes or resign

Bush, speaking in Florida on Monday, gave a broad speech how he would bring changes to what he termed “Mount Washington” if elected. Bush said he would push for a balanced budget, an “unequivocal six-year ban on lobbying…for ex-members of the House and Senate,” and a line-item veto, among other items mentioned in the speech.

“They’re all fine people, but if they’re missing votes then they ought to change that, I mean c’mon, this is — the pay people get in public life is good,” Bush added. “It’s a sacrifice to be away from their families, I’d admit that, but if you’re there for three days, you ought to be able to show up and vote — or resign, you know.”

“That would be — and then go pursue your whatever your desires are, but showing up for work it’s what’s required of every American,” Bush added. “It seems to me that Congress ought to feel a duty to do the same.”