Poll: Bush has edge over Rubio among Miami Cuban voters

Bush’s “shocking” 43 percent to 31 percent lead among Cuban-American Republicans is a “real serious problem” for Rubio because it indicates the son of Cuban immigrants will have broader problems in Florida in the March 15 GOP primary, pollster Fernand Amandi with Bendixen & Amandi, told POLITICO. His firm conducted the Miami-Dade poll for The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

“Jeb is an honorary Cuban, but Marco Rubio would be the first actual Cuban-American president. So how is the Cuban community not supporting him en masse?” Amandi asked, before answering his question: “Marco Rubio hasn’t made a persuasive case to his own community that he can win. And if he can’t make that case here, he can’t win Florida if the trend holds.”

Bush’s 12-percentage-point lead among Cuban-American Republicans is driving his overall 10-point lead (35 percent to 25 percent) among Miami-Dade County’s GOP over Rubio, where 73 percent of the party’s registered voters are Hispanic, nearly all of them of Cuban-American descent.