Lifting the military's transgender ban: An act of kindness by the Obama administration

In fact, for a number of people suffering in this way, they do get relief by living their life as the sex they think they are, rather than the sex they actually are. They thereafter have an otherwise normal existence. Suicide rates, sadly, remain high even for those who undergo a complete, surgical transition.

It is, then, a small act of compassion by the Obama Administration that they will allow individuals suffering the delusion that they are not the sex they actually are to serve openly in the military. It won’t make the nation any safer, but it certainly extends the grand social experiments in mental health and sexuality into the ranks of the military, turning it not into a greater fighting force, but a greater reflection of present society. For some, using the military as a place to engage in social experimentation is a vastly greater thing than actually having a military that can keep us safe.

It is, however, a shame that society is now being ordered to accept a behavior that is clearly not normal by any definition of the word to be treated as normal.