Five big things the other GOP candidates can learn from Donald Trump

4) Being Willing To Fight: What good is a Republican Party that wins at the ballot box and STILL loses every ideological battle to the Left? A lot of conservatives have been asking themselves that question lately because that’s what we’ve been seeing for the last few years. Other than a few conservatives with brass cojones like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Louie Gohmert and Tim Scott, the Republican party in D.C. seems to think they should be able to win fights with the Left without anyone getting mad at them. The only thing most Republicans are willing to fight for is the agenda of the Mr. Burns clones at the Chamber of Commerce and the only people they’re willing to go to the mat against are their own supporters.

On the other hand, Donald Trump just took on the Democrats, the media, pundits who don’t like him and half the establishment Republicans in Washington and HE WON. Suddenly, Democrats are nervous. The media and other GOP candidates are talking about sanctuary cities. There has even been a bill introduced in Congress to curtail them. This isn’t because a woman was murdered. Sadly, American citizens are raped and murdered by illegal aliens literally every day of the week. It’s because Donald Trump had the courage to stand in there and fight when 98% of the Republicans in Congress would have folded like a tent. Not only did Trump refuse to fold, he doubled down, issued press releases defending his position, and he threatened to sue businesses that broke contracts with him. There are plenty of Republicans — Mitt Romney, John McCain and John Boehner included — who pull out the brass knuckles when they’re fighting other Republicans and then roll over on their bellies like lapdogs when they have to take on the Democrats. Trump has already proven he’s made of sterner stuff.