That time Jeb Bush invited 300 top donors to his parent’s house

Around 5:30 p.m., Jeb Bush was spotted entering his parents’ home and came out a few minutes later, dressed in a dark blue sweater, to greet his donors. The entire party posed for a photo on the western lawn of the home around 6 p.m. Several attendees held campaign signs aloft as a photographer took shots of the crowd. Barbara Bush — with her infamous frock of white hair — was easily spotted from a distance standing in the front wearing a bright coral sweater.

After the photo and more mingling, the crowd was transported to the nearby Hidden Pond luxury resort. The mood was celebratory, as donors dined on lobster rolls and hamburgers and Bush touted their record-breaking fundraising effort. His wife, Columba, was on hand, smiling proudly.

“Money is great but votes matter a lot more. I will outwork everybody,” Bush said, according to attendees, who asked to remain anonymous because guests were asked not to discuss details.