Hugh Hewitt: Let's face it, Hillary's probably going to win

“She’s 67,” Hewitt said. “She’ll be 69 if she wins and I think she will – the presidency.”

Later in that segment, Hewitt, who is slated to be a moderator in one of the upcoming Republican presidential primary debates, elaborated on why took that position. According to Hewitt, the deck is stacked against the Republican candidate because of the Electoral College and Clinton he said was “awfully smart” and would formidable financially.

“I wrote ‘The Queen’ because the advice, if she takes it, she’ll win,” he explained. “So if I put it on the table, maybe she won’t take it because the Electoral College is so freaking against the Republicans. And so, we have to nominate the perfect ticket. They have to make a lot of mistakes. The Jets did beat the Colts, right – in Super Bowl III. So, it’s possible. The heavy underdog can win. We are the heavy underdog. But if she does the right thing and she’s awfully smart, and she’s got a lot of money, and the Republicans are going to carve each other up. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)96%
today – he’s terrific and I write in ‘The Queen’ he could win, or he could lose 44 states. It’s more likely he’s going to lose 44 states because she is good and disciplined and does her work. So I am not an optimist, but that’s why I wrote the book – to increase our chances that much.”

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