Tom Coburn: Amend the constitution to rein in Washington

He said, “If in fact we don’t have a convention of states, we’re going to continue to lose freedom and continue to concentrate power in Washington…we’re going to continue to see economic disparities in our country, because that’s what happens when the elite rule the masses – and that’s where we’re going right now.”

The current focus has been on pushing for a balanced budget amendment.

“We’re in a crunch right now – and we’re the frog in the proverbial slowly boiling water,” Coburn said. “We have $160 trillion worth of outstanding liabilities — $60 trillion more than the entire net worth of every asset in this country. We’re already in trouble and you look at what Congress is doing – they’re not addressing the big issues that are in front of this country.”

He said, “We have career politicians who most of which have never had a real job outside of politics. They always give you an answer that’s good for their next election, not the truth. Not reality.”

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