Changing sex is so brave, but you can't blame us oldies for being a bit baffled 

Not having kept up with KUWTK – the cult reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the E! channel – maybe I was a little confused. As I was when I tried to absorb the details of a court case last week headlined: ‘Girl has gay dad, 2 lesbian mums and a transsexual stepdad’. It was about ‘Alice’, who was conceived with donor sperm from a homosexual male, and one of whose lesbian mothers became involved with a woman who was changing gender to male, who was seeking access to the little girl.

It all made me want to wrap a wet towel around my head.

As for Jenner, I don’t think I’m narrow-minded. Trans Media Watch can come after me for saying this, but I’m just too OLD for someone choosing to change sex, then undergoing ten hours of facial feminisation surgery and then doing a cover shoot to show off her new boobs and boat race, to be an everyday occurrence, that’s all.