Rand Paul on Hillary's speech: "We shouldn't do things to prevent people from voting"

“I’m not against early voting,” Paul told Bloomberg. “I grew up in Texas, where we have early voting, and we’re a dominant Republican state — so I don’t think it necessarily favors one party over the other. Each state should decide that. The Constitution and the history of the legal cases has been pretty clear that each state gets to determine the time and manner of the elections. I wouldn’t have the federal government interfere and tell any state how to do it. The Fourteenth Amendment, I think, allows the government to get involved if there is a racial bias. I am fine with the federal government intervening in those cases.”

Automatic registration, said Paul, was “sort of [up to] time and manner” of the states, as well. “I think each state has their own registration — and I think Oregon just mails it to you, which I think is a bad idea,” said Paul. “You ought to confirm who you are. I’m not against there being a little bit of effort, but we shouldn’t make it hard. We shouldn’t do things to prevent people from voting, but we shouldn’t do things that encourage lapses in the system that allow people who aren’t legitimate voters.”