"Make no mistake, there will be some drop-off"

Indeed, black leaders concede it will be nearly impossible for Clinton to replicate the level of turnout Obama’s candidacy generated among this core demographic—a group of voters central to the national coalition necessary for a Democrat to win the White House. So she’ll need to coax them to the polls by honing specific messages about policies relevant to the black community, something her team says she’s preparing to unveil.

On Thursday, Clinton will call for expanded early voting in every state, including weekend and evening hours over many days before Election Day—positions supported by Democrats who say working-class voters need greater access to the polls.

And she’ll specifically criticize laws in North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin that, she argues, reduced rather than expanded access to the polls.

These are significant targets for Clinton. Democrats have their eyes on changing demographics in counties in North Carolina, Texas, and elsewhere that might begin to shift those states away from Republicans, perhaps as soon as 2016.