Yerdon said he then ran into a sobbing Lamica in the parking lot, where he asked him why he’d spit in his cup. According to Yerdon, Lamica denied that he had spit in the cup, prompting Yerdon to say “you wouldn’t be crying if you hadn’t spit in my cup.”

Lamica told Yerdon he didn’t want to lose his job, Yerdon recalled, to which Yerdon replied “you should have thought of that before you spit in my cup.”

“It’s a backstory that everybody thinks about, what the servers do and what’s happening in the kitchen,” Lahm said. “It’s disgusting to think about it.”

Since Ken Yerdon took two sips of the drink before he saw the spit, he said he decided to get tested for HIV and hepatitis, and in both cases he subsequently tested negative. HIV cannot be contracted through saliva, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.