These conservatives are missing the point of "The Lego Movie"

“Some liberal writer at the Huffington Post was excited to find out that I’ve been talking to Wisconsinites about how enthusiastically the entertainment media spread a ‘business is bad’ message,” he blogged. “He seems to get hung up on the way I mentioned ‘The Lego Movie’…The strange thing isn’t that a kids’ movie was anti-business, it is that someone claiming to be a journalist never encountered the idea before.”

Johnson’s comments—and follow-up angry-blogging—serves as a bit of a revival of the original conservative freak-out over “The Lego Movie” early last year, upon the film’s theatrical release. The critically acclaimed kids’ movie, which doubles as a political and social satire, made some news in February 2014 after it became the target of certain commentators in conservative media, including The Weekly Standard and Fox News’s sister channel. (For what it’s worth, The Economist—which Sen. Johnson, oddly, links to on his blog—found the film to be “pleasingly libertarian.”)

Fox Business personalities weren’t happy with the movie for its allegedly “anti-business,” anti-capitalist message. One talked about how President Business physically resembles Mitt Romney. Another then segued into defending the similarly capitalist and evil Mr. Potter from “It’s a Wonderful Life”—an instance of life imitating parody.

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