Dems to GOP: We’re ready to fix ObamaCare, why aren’t you?

More than a half-dozen proposed changes to the law boast approval from at least some Democrats, including legislation to repeal a controversial cost-cutting board for Medicare, which gained its 218th cosponsor this week.

None of the ObamaCare proposals have been taken up by Republican leaders, angering Democrats who say important fixes are being bottled up by the GOP’s fixation on full repeal.

“Absolutely, I think there are some things [we’d be willing to change],” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), the leader of the Senate’s “Affordable Care Act Works” campaign. “I am just not confident that Republicans in this Congress are focused on anything other than repeal.”

“I think there’s general willingness to sit down and talk, I just don’t think we feel like we have a partner on the other side,” he added.