Rubio leaves crowd of conservatives unmoved in South Carolina speech

“Rubio’s was one of the speeches that was not the best. His was not the worst, either, but, just kind of meh compared to anybody else,” says Hannah Hill, a tea-party activist from nearby Anderson County.

“He’s good by himself,” Cheryl Cuthrell, a Greenville County Republican activist who supports Senator Ted Cruz, says of Rubio. “But when you put him up to someone who just goes right back to the Constitution . . . I just don’t think Marco is going to be strong enough to knock him out.”…

When Citizens United president David Bossie mentioned that the next speaker hailed from the state of Wisconsin, the audience at the Summit got the hint and started to cheer. When Bossie mentioned Texas during an introduction later in the day, the whistles started up again and continued when Cruz shook hands with attendees in the front row as his introductory music played. Rubio received a warm welcome but none of the same anticipatory applause. His cheers came later, when he told the military-heavy crowd how he planned to approach the fight against ISIS and other jihadists.

“Have you seen the movie Taken, with Liam Neeson?” Rubio asked, referring to the movie about a retired CIA agent whose daughter was kidnapped in France. “He has a line, and this is what our strategy should be: ‘We will look for you, we will find you, and we will kill you.’”