Running for president for fun and profit

So do Fiorina and Carson aspire to “Rock You Like Herman Cain”?

Should we chalk it up as merely a coincidence that Fiorina’s latest book, Rising to the Challenge: My Leadership Journey went on sale the day after she announced her candidacy? Surely, the book won’t propel her to the White House, but her candidacy should increase book sales.

Likewise Carson has recently retired from his position at Johns Hopkins, so after his campaign is done, he’ll be free to hang out and shill his political ideas and probably write a book about his triumphant, yet failed presidential bid.

Carson and Fiorina are not campaigning to earn our votes. They’ll never make it that far, and we all know this. They are campaigning to broaden their name recognition and to position themselves as the anti-Hillary and the anti-Obama. Those are lucrative careers that can last decades, and the next handful of months is their opportunity to convince influential Republicans—Roger Ailes, we’re talking about you—that they can fill this vital punditry void for years to come.