Maple syrup will cure everything

The study, carried out at McGill University, used syrup high in phenolic compounds— enhanced by freezing samples to create the richest possible extract—on strains of infection, causing microbes including E.coli and proteus mirabilis (which can lead to urinary tract infections). The sweet stuff was not only able to fight bacteria but also successful in destroying biofilms when combined with antibiotics, proving that pairing the two could be particularly effective in fighting off disease. Extracts appeared to damage bacterial cells’ outer membranes, increasing the chances of them being susceptible to medication.

Though clinical trials are yet to take place, the leader of McGill’s research team Professor Nathalie Tufenkji is hopeful that the good news is just beginning. “The findings suggest a potentially simple and effective approach for reducing antibiotic usage,” says Tufenkji. “I could see maple syrup extract being incorporated eventually, for example, into the capsules of antibiotics.”

For a store-bought sauce, its effects are pretty impressive.