Pennsylvania prepares backup plan for Supreme Court's ObamaCare subsidies case

Wolf’s plan calls for Pennsylvania to set up its own insurance marketplace if the court rules against the Obama administration in the case King v. Burwell. The case could revoke subsidies that help 7.5 million people afford healthcare coverage, but only in the roughly three-dozen states relying on the federal marketplace. 
If Pennsylvania sets up its own marketplace, as 13 other states have, subsidies there would continue to flow.

“In order to protect 382,000 Pennsylvanians from potentially losing subsidies that help them afford health care coverage, I have written to the federal government outlining a contingency plan to set up a state-based marketplace to ensure no one loses their health coverage,” Wolf said in a statement. 

Wolf’s Republican predecessor declined to set up a marketplace in the state, but Wolf, a Democrat, is far more willing to create one.

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