Of course Democrats deserve the blame for what's happening in Baltimore

What piece of legislation have Republicans obstructed that would have helped keep families together in Baltimore – right now? Which proposal would have created jobs to turn the city around?  What law has Obama lobbied for that would have made Baltimore’s police department – which has been answering to one party for decades – more compassionate or effective? Is there a criminal justice reform effort that Obama’s been spearheading all these years that we’ve all forgotten about?

Yes, the war on drugs is a disaster. Democrats are complicit in that war, too. And Democrats are also in charge of a city school system that has huge failure rates. Yet, the Baltimore also consistently ranked in the top five among the nation’s 100 largest school districts in spending per pupil. Like most big city districts, there is no accountability. It’s Democrats who consistently sink conservative education reform ideas (ones, that in many cities, are popular among African-American parents) for their union patrons.

For that matter, when did the president ever offer comprehensive legislation that would have brought “mass investments” to inner cities or reformed how government functions in urban communities? Was it when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House? Or was it after?