What ABC left out of the Bruce Jenner special

But as someone who respects good storytelling and journalism (both of which are sadly in decline), I was most offended by how Sawyer completely blew it when it came to explaining the real story of how this bizarre interview ever came to be in the first place. Specifically, Sawyer somehow totally left out how the murder of O.J. Simpson‘s wife and her friend created the series of events which directly led to anyone caring about Jenner’s sexual identity.

Remarkably, the ABC special only very briefly showed Robert Kardashian’s photo but never touched on his key role in this soap opera. This is roughly the equivalent of telling the Hillary Clinton story without mentioning how she was basically handed a Senate seat after having endured the Monica Lewinsky embarrassment.

Those under the age of 35 who watched the ABC special would probably be shocked to know how this current-day incarnation of Bruce Jenner became “re-famous.”

The real story is this: Robert Kardashian was the man who read O.J. Simpson’s apparent suicide letter on live television in the prelude to the infamous “Bronco Chase,” an event which changed television news forever. He was also the person who stood next to Simpson during the reading of the outrageously false “not guilty” verdicts. The stunned look on his ashen face said more about the grotesque injustice which had been done that day than anything the prosecutors or the victim’s families could have possibly said.

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