The after-work e-mail quandary

Concerns about email anxiety and technology blurring the boundaries between one’s work and personal life have been increasing in the last few years, but how does email rank on the spectrum of work-related burdens?

A new survey of 2,000 adults from Workfront, a project management app, found that 40 percent of employees feel that it’s fine to answer an urgent work email during dinner. But when asked what aspects have the most negative impact on work-life balance, work emails ranked rather low at 18 percent—topping the list were bad bosses, working after hours, and employers being inflexible about vacation. It might be a case of picking one’s battles, but the overwhelming response to how employers could improve work-life balance was to offer flexible work schedules (supported by 69 percent of respondents) and allow employees to work remotely (55 percent); limiting emails to working hours was the priority of just 23 percent.