Ed Schultz explodes at Obama: ‘Go face to face with me… I’m ready!’

“If you were watching MSNBC and all of this stuff thinking, ‘Oh, man, I love Obama, but what’s going on here?’” the president said Thursday in Washington, D.C. “So I want to the record straight here. I want everybody to be clear about what we’re doing. Because I believe in what I’m doing here.”

“Well, Mr. president, I want you to know that I believe in what I’m doing,” Schultz replied on his show. “If you can prove to the American people that there will not be a depression of wages, if you can prove to the American people that this will create jobs, if you want to go face to face with me, President Obama, I’m ready to go because I have the facts, okay?”

On-air guest Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) assured his host that the president “is talking about you,” because no television host has discussed the trade agreement as much as Schultz.

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