An odd place for a Ted Cruz stopover

Besides that, what was oddly notable about Cruz’s evening was the setting. Reisner’s apartment was in the news last October, when a 23-year-old bartender was found dead of a drug overdose in a bathtub in one of the home’s six opulently-appointed bathrooms…

What does all that mean for Ted Cruz? That’s always for voters to decide. But it does suggest his staff might want to check out event locations a little more carefully. And indeed, Tyler said Thursday afternoon that, “I would say, knowing what we know now about the setting, I think we would have chosen a different venue.” (By the way, Reisner also hosted a fundraiser for Republican Sen. Ron Johnson at the apartment just last week.)

Campaigns are always bringing something new. A candidate might one day find himself announcing his run at evangelical Liberty University and then, not all that long later, discussing issues at a swanky New York apartment that has also reportedly served as the site of druggy, occasionally fatal “all-night ragers.” It’s a very big country.

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