Jeb Bush was right to try to save Terri Schiavo

The case against Jeb Bush seems to be that he exceeded his constitutional authority and, having done so, revealed the kind of rogue president he would be if elected. Actually, he was following a duly passed Florida law later found to be unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court. That’s not acting unconstitutionally. Once the statute was invalidated, Mr. Bush followed the law.

The facts in Terri’s case were rarely presented to the American public in a clear, unbiased and nonideological manner, a pattern that has only grown more pronounced as time passed. Ten years later, the media still tread the same well-worn path, presenting a false paradigm of a supposedly loving husband versus interfering theocrats.

This is a good opportunity to set the record straight about what the governor was legally permitted to do and what he actually did.