Cryotherapy: Would you freeze yourself fit?

For others, cryotherapy is an ecstatic chill with a thrill.

“I call it ‘legal doping,’ says Eduardo Bohorquez, who runs New York’s only cryotherapy center. “When you come out you feel so euphoric.”

Those brave enough to enter the cryotherapy chamber expose themselves to tingling temperatures of -130 degrees Celsius or -200 Fahrenheit.

That makes Antarctica — where NASA recorded the coldest spot on earth as -92 degrees Celsius at the end of December 2013 — officially warmer.

There are two types of cryotherapy treatments — whole body and partial exposure — but both involve serious sub-zero temperatures.

“It’s not like sticking your hand in an ice bucket or taking an ice bath — this is extreme cold,” Liam Hennessy, Harrington’s fitness coach and a world leading expert in cryotherapy, tells CNN.