Really? Vaccines?

This is only a political issue because the press, having failed to paint the GOP as anti-women, wishes to now paint the GOP as anti-science. Before this month is out I suspect some reporter will ask Republican candidates if they believe in a global flood and a man named Noah (I do). They want to not just try to embarrass the GOP, but create a wedge issue from whole cloth.

The reality is most Americans get their vaccinations and their children get vaccinations. The reality is that some of the loudest voices against vaccinations are celebrities who lean to the left. In fact, the reality is that a growing number of upper income people have opted out of vaccinations and those people skew to the left.

But the media wants to make this about the GOP being anti-science. The whole issue is the media’s back door into further conversations about global warming.

But here’s the thing the media misses. The main reason there is a growing opt-out of vaccinations is because there is a growing distrust of government. People are convinced government screws everything up, including medicine. The real story is that the growing distrust of government is bipartisan, includes upper income Americans, and could potentially be fatal to many children.