Palin's not really running for president

“I see no activity, no hires, no grassroots, and there is no structure to the volunteer organization for Palin that existed four years ago,” said Craig Bergman, a Republican consultant who worked with the Organize4Palin group in Iowa in 2011.

Myrna Beeber, who oversaw 11 counties as a regional coordinator for the group in 2011, attended Palin’s speech in Des Moines on Saturday and said she still counts herself among Palin’s supporters. But she hasn’t been in touch with anyone about a bid for president and isn’t holding out hope that the colorful Going Rogue author is serious about running.

“I don’t think she ever will,” Beeber said.

Palin’s political action committee, Sarah PAC, has remained active, but not in the way one would expect of a potential presidential candidate. Rather than donating money to support candidates in key presidential primary states, the PAC was more scattershot in its donations to congressional candidates, according to recent filings with the Federal Election Commission. Most of the PAC’s money went not to other candidates but to its own operations.