Critics blast New York and New Jersey quarantines over Ebola

In an interview with BuzzFeed News Saturday night, Hickox’ mother Karen Hickox said her daughter is almost entirely cut off from the world. She has no computer and is only communicating via a cellphone that has very poor reception, Karen explained. Still, family members have been able to glean some details about Hickox’s conditions.

“Apparently she’s in a climate controlled tent inside a vacant room inside an annex of the hospital,” Karen said. “I know there’s some type of a little port-o-potty with a bag in it. I don’t know if she has something to wash her hands.”

Hickox is dressed in paper scrubs because her clothes and other belongings were placed in biohazard bags, Karen said. She added that “they gave her something with warm soapy water to take a spit bath.”

Officials also have not told Hickox how long she might be held at the hospital, nor have they reached out to her family, Karen said.