Could the GOP call Monica Lewinsky to testify on cyberbullying?

“The prospect of Monica Lewinsky testifying before Congress about cyber bullying would force a national debate,” said a GOP aide who asked not to be named to speak more freely. “She’s in a unique position to educate the American public.” 

While testimony to Congress would give Lewinsky a big platform, it would also have 2016 overtones by reopening the book on the sex scandal at a time when Hillary Clinton is weighing a White House run.
Another senior House Republican aide said having Lewinsky testify could be risky.

“You have to wonder what it would be for Hillary going into 2016,” the aide said. “After seeing how she’s gone largely unscathed in the Benghazi scandal, I have a sinking feeling [testimony from Lewinsky] would only serve to make her look like a loyal wife who stuck by her husband during a tremendously difficult time.”