Gun owners aren't hypocrites for wanting to protect Obama from guns

Then we have TNR’s Brian Beutler, who has decided that you are a dumb hypocrite if you simultaneously want to 1) protect the president from being attacked by crazed loons with guns, and 2) protect your family from being attacked by crazed loons with guns.

For those keeping score at home, conservatives who express concern about the physical security of the leader of the free world are apparently either liars or hypocrites. There’s no other option. Given the vitriol that was spewed at George W. Bush during his presidency — including, mind you, a film that included a fictionalized assassination of George W. Bush — I guess it makes sense that the gap between “I don’t like that guy” and “I wish that guy were dead” isn’t all that big in the minds of nutcake progressives.

Beutler’s piece mocked Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), a gun owner himself, for having the audacity to criticize an agency that allowed an armed convict to get in a confined space with the president.