Marco Rubio: We need Mitt Romney's foreign policy

“Many of the things Mitt Romney warned about and talked about, especially in that third debate, have now become reality,” Rubio told The Daily Beast in an interview. “The last six years have certainly discredited the Obama worldview and have created an opportunity for people to assert the rightful place of the United States in the world.”

For Rubio, Obama’s perceived foreign policy failings are in their own ways indictments of the policies of isolationists inside the Republican party. Rubio counts his possible 2016 primary challenger, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, as one of those isolationists. It’s a charge Paul rather vigorously denies. But, to Rubio’s ear, there’s a lot of similarity between the views of Paul and Obama when it comes to America’s role in the world.

“What is going to be pretty clear to Americans is that for six years Barack Obama has been following through what he campaigned on, and that was the idea behind all isolationists: that it is U.S. engagement that creates these problems, that it’s our fault that people hate us around the world, when the opposite is actually true,” said Rubio.

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