Lighten up, America

Later at the same event, Reid quipped that he had a problem “keeping my Wongs straight.”

Reid’s attempt at humor may have been ill-advised and poorly delivered — but that hardly makes him a bigot.

Reid has a gaffe-riddled history, and the people of Nevada keep electing him. But in American politics, it’s perfectly within the prerogative of Nevadans to be represented by someone who rides the short bus. (That’s a joke, people).

Let’s also stipulate that, as a full-throated partisan with a well-documented mean streak, Harry Reid might be one of the first to shout “bigotry” and call for the resignation of any Republican who uttered similarly ill-fated jokes under the same circumstances.

But two Wongs do not make a right. Just because Reid and his fellow travelers on the left have made racial mau-mauing a staple of today’s political landscape, that doesn’t mean he should be castigated for a joke that fell flat.

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