The ISIS threat demands a secure border

The “JV” team that’s slaughtering thousands, accumulating huge amounts of sophisticated weaponry and financial resources, recruiting and training thousands of fighters, and whose members daily declare their intentions to annihilate the West could walk across our border just as easily and anonymously as any 15-year-old Honduran. Yet our federal government refuses to build a fence and take other prudent steps to secure the border. Instead, it takes measures to encourage even more illegal immigration, the flow of which will undoubtedly contain actors intent on doing us harm.

A border fence and enhanced border security can’t guarantee Islamic State terrorists won’t penetrate our defenses. But advertising to the world that our southern border is a fiction guarantees the Islamic State will try to penetrate that border. And they won’t be bringing just scabies. Imagine your worst terrorist nightmare, and remember that they’ve thought of attacks — radiological, biological, suicidal – far worse.

Our government’s complacency and dereliction of duty regarding fundamental border security in the face of this profound terrorist threat is, at minimum, criminal negligence.