On Ferguson, web sleuths get it wrong -- again

This week the nebulous hacker collective Anonymous released the name of a man they believed to be the shooter of Michael Brown, the teen killed in Ferguson, Missouri, last Saturday. They were flat out wrong. Not only did Anonymous issue the incorrect name, posting the information of a man who had never been a St. Louis police officer, but the vigilante hackers also acquired a false address. They posted the address of the man’s 48-year-old stepmother, Stephanie Warnack.

“Wow, this is not good,” she said, when informed by a national reporter. She began to weep. “Now I have to defend myself and I didn’t do anything wrong.”

A harried-sounding woman answered the phone at a publicly listed number for Warnack on Friday. The phone had been ringing off the hook all morning, the woman told The Daily Beast, refusing to identify herself.

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