Did southern culture kill NASCAR star Kevin Ward Jr?

Insofar as Cowherd can be said to make a cogent point at all, he really objects that NASCAR is a sport enjoyed by men who tend to be masculine and are located disproportionately in the South. This revelation is not as damning to Southern men as I think Cowherd imagines. But insofar as Cowherd believes that NASCAR is in some way special or unique in this regard (whether or not due to its popularity in the South), he is absolutely delusional. NASCAR as a sport stands heads and shoulders above the other major American sports in terms of both allowing and promoting equal female participation with men both on the racetrack and on race support teams. Neither the NFL, MLB, nor NBA have made such a concerted effort to encourage female participation or to broaden their appeal to female audiences.

Moreover, Cowherd erroneously and without justification seeks a broader societal explanation for a phenomenon where a much simpler, physiological explanation exists. Driving a car at these speeds around a track while inches away from other suicidally fast cars is, by the frank admission of these allegedly macho racecar drivers, utterly terrifying, in a way that participation in no other sport is. Spending hours on a track while adrenaline is coursing continuously through your body will cause even the most level-headed person to act out in anger upon a high-speed collision (which, of course, immediately amps up the adrenaline level even further). How often have we seen mild-mannered, buttoned-up people lose their calm after a fender bender on the interstate? How much more should we expect such behavior as a matter of simple physiology from insanely competitive drivers who have been battling speeds of 180mph and 43 other cars for several hours?

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