From grey lady to white widow: A guide to getting Maureen Dowd high

Don’t start with edibles

Many first-time or curious marijuana users gravitate toward edibles because they’re simple and don’t require inhaling harsh, carcinogenic smoke into your lungs. The problem with edibles is they take a long time to take effect, at which point you’re locked in. If you ate too much or got an especially strong batch, well, you’re gonna have a bad time. Which is exactly what happened to Dowd.

The advantage to smoking weed, rather than eating it, is that after one toke, you can immediately judge the results and say, “I don’t want anymore,” or, “Let’s watch Adventure Time.”

If you just can’t resist buying adorable weed-laced cupcakes or whatnot, find a clearly labeled product, then ask the dude at the counter how much you should eat. Or consult the Internet.